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Most Popular Holistic Pet Treatments for Holistic Pet Care

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PetAlive Aggression Formula - Helps to promote relaxed and calm behavior in pets.

PetAlive Cushex Drops - Supports normal adrenal gland function for Cushing's Disease in dogs and cats.

PetAlive UTI-Free - Helps cats and dogs who suffer from bladder and urinary tract infections (UTI).

Glucobalance - This natural pancreatic tonic maintains healthy insulin and blood sugar levels.

PetAlive Eye-Heal - Treats and prevents eye infections.

PetCalm - Relieves your pet from stress and anxiety and gives a sense of calm.




Natural Remedies for Pets as alternatives to Pet Meds

Domesticated animals are not the same as humans; however they do experience many of the same stress-related and physical problems that humans suffer. Cats and dogs are affected by bad air quality, poor nutrition, and by various other conditions that contribute to diseases in the same way that humans are generally affected.

Humans have a host of problems such depression, behavioral problems, anxiety and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) - ADHD (Attention Deficit - Hyperactivity Disorder). Many of these so-called problems may stem from deep-rooted spiritual problems, so the root cause is not always so easily identified. Too often medications are only a temporary fix for a far more serious problem. There is still much debate on the issues. Needless to say, the problems are not as complex with pets. After all when do you hear about pastors or psychiatrists for pets? That being said, pets, albeit different from humans, do have similar health problems.

Domestic animals suffer from many physical ailments: skin disorders, diabetes, digestive disorders, obesity, liver disease, chronic fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, cystitis, arthritis, kidney disease, Cushing’s disease, cancer, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), gingivitis, and gum disease. Cat and dog aggression may even result from one of the above. So dealing with the root cause may help with such things as dog bit prevention. There are many others issues...

Many of these conditions can be prevented when combined with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy pet is a holistic pet. If your pet already has a condition, natural medicine combined with lifestyle changes can effectively bring natural pet relief.

Conventional medicine for animals has its benefits, but it also has its downfalls. Modern technology has produced synthetic drugs and vaccinations that have been contributed to chronic pet illness.

As a result many veterinarians have searched for natural alternatives that prove to be effective holistic pet treatments.




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